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 Knee Pain Relief - Lisle, IL

FINALLY...A Gentle, Safe, and Effective Treatment Protocol For Knee Pain Caused by Arthritis, Meniscus Tears,Ligament Problems, Patella Pain, and More.

Keep Reading To Discover How To Get Lasting Pain Relief Even When No Other Treatments Have Worked! 

If you are one of the nearly 100 million people in the U.S. who suffer from knee pain, you know how debilitating this chronic condition can be. 

Sufferers experience severe pain when walking, getting out of bed, going up and down stairs, playing sports and doing many of life's normal daily activities. Knee pain can strike anyone regardless of age, sex or ethnicity and can be so incapacitating that the only solution has traditionally been narcotic pain killers or surgery. That is, until now. 

The physicians at Northstar Integrated Health and Physical Medicine Center have created a unique program that is considered to be a joint replacement alternative for the arthritic knee. 

We see patients daily that have been told they are "bone on bone" and that they need a knee replacement. 

Don't settle for that opinion, there are options.Our knee program has benefited thousands of patients.  91% of our patients have reported significant relief or better on post treatment evaluations over the last five years.

Our unique program Follows Medicare Guidelines and includes 3 key areas of treatment.

1. We reduce the pain and inflammation of the arthritic knee. An important part of this treatment includes an injection called HYALGAN. HYALGAN is an all-natural product that lubricates the joint to reduce pain and inflammation as well as to help stimulate the cartilage repair. The injections are performed under ultrasound guidance to reduce pain and insure accurate delivery and placement of the product. 

HYALGAN is designed to provide up to 6 months of pain relief from arthritis and is approved by all insurance carriers.

2. We strengthen and stabilize the arthritic knee. Our team of physicians has created a therapy plan designed to strengthen and stabilize the arthritic knee joint.  The plan typically includes exercises as well as range of motion treatments that will help improve your tolerance to activities like walking, stair climbing, playing golf, etc., depending on your own health goals. 

The therapists also have the ability to support the knee with an orthopedic brace if necessary to help you be more active.

3. We promote a Healthy Knees for Life philosophy. We strongly believe that getting a knee replacement is a choice and not a given. Some patients either choose not to have a surgery, or may be unable to have a surgery for any of several medical reasons. 

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